Automated RSMP Validation ✔︎

The RSMP Validator performs automated testing of RSMP implementations. It’s based on RSpec and communicates with equipment via RSMP.

The validator includes a growing suite of tests and can report test results in several formats, so you can quickly assess RSMP compliance and pin-point any problems. It can be used on any platform that supports Ruby, including Linux, Mac and Windows.

% bundle exec rspec spec/site/core spec/site/tlc
Using test config config/gem_tlc.yaml
Run options: exclude {:rsmp=>[unless relevant for 3.1.5]}

Finished in 6.22 seconds (files took 0.60681 seconds to load)
79 examples, 0 failures

All tests green!

The RSMP Validator is maintained as open-source by RSMP Nordic, the partnership behind the RSMP protocol.

Intended Use

Road authorities that purchase RSMP equipment of systems can use the validator to assess the quality and completeness of RSMP interfaces.

Suppliers can use the validator as an aid during development of RSMP interfaces.


  • The validator will help you implement/use RSMP according to the RSMP specification.
  • Automated testing is much faster than manual testing and can be run more often.
  • With automated testing, more edge cases and can be checked.
  • Because it’s based on RSpec, there’s a lot of convenient options for filtering specs, configure output, etc.

What equipment can be tested?

The validator can be used to test all types of RSMP equipment.

Traffic Light Controllers have a standardized Signal Exchange List (SXL), and tests cover all messages in this SXL.

For other types of equipment, the tests cover only the RSMP Core specification. However, you can add you own tests if you want.

The validator also includes preliminary support for testing supervisor systems. When testing a supervisor.

Do I need to learn the Ruby language?

No. You can use the validator without writing any Ruby code. Ruby is only needed if you want to modify or add tests, or you need more in-depth understanding of how specific tests work.

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